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Minorca has been the scene from the ancient times of the oil culture, a production that was practically interrupted at the end of the first third of the 20th century and which, for some years, is recovering thanks to local producers who bet on offering a product of proximity and great quality.

Ses Talaies has also joined the interest to recover this type of production by planting olive trees on the four hectares of land on the property. The illusion is to start a project that should allow, over the years, to serve at the table a very limited production of oil made in the property itself to enjoy, with more intensity, the flavors of all the native products that are served in the breakfast.

And while the field of olive trees grows, Ses Talaies activity focuses on the orchard and trees that give seasonal fruit and that the family approaches to the guests freshly harvested, fresh and juicy or cooked in delicious homemade jams.