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The property is named Ses Talaies because of the concentration of up to three talaiots in only four hectares of land. These stone towers, circular or elliptical, are erected imposing throughout the island, are inherited from the first inhabitants of Menorca and are still mysterious today because of their uncertain use.
The talaiots are the most famous monuments of the prehistoric period and also more characteristic and unique. There are about 300 of them in the whole island. It is not strange, therefore, that talaiots give name to the candidacy of Menorca which aspires to receive the recognition of UNESCO and to enter in the list of world heritage of the humanity for the wealth and density of its archaeological treasures.
They impress by their size, different shapes and typologies. The charm of the talaiots is incredibly powerful. They are elements of the past fully integrated into the landscape and territory that connect us with the most magical and mysterious Menorca.
But beyond the talaiots and prehistoric sites, stone is one of the most characteristic elements of Menorca. On its cliffs, on the rocky sides of the north coast, on the grid of “paret seca” that covers the entire surface of the island, and also for the constructions of rural heritage such as bridges and stone cattle shacks.
In addition to these patrimonial elements, in the environment of Ses Talaies we also find one of the Natural Areas of Special Interest (ANEI) best preserved and most valuable of the island. It covers more than 3,000 hectares of land in the area of ​​La Vall and integrates dune systems, a wetland, torrents, temporary lakes and forests of white pine and holm oaks.